Replications and Reproductions   

    We took the initiative many years ago to collect numerous great old and original lights that were made as long as over 100 years ago and to authentically replicate them. If you have an entryway that is missing one or all of the lights we can replicate almost anything.

    We have assembled a nice collection of originals that we sell and have copies of. This way the best result is achieved every time one passes by. Great entry lights always define and set the mood for the rest of the building or house and maintaining the first impression when one sees a structure is vitally important. We invite you to browse the web site to see a fuller representation of what our collection has to offer. You are also invited to email us photos of your building and we can send you back some recommendations that we feel are suitable. If you are going for Landmark approvals on historic buildings you can be assured that our pieces always pass the scrutiny of any Board or Panel and we are "the preferred source".

    Just one example of what we can do:

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