Prop Rentals   

    Did you ever wonder where Carrie's bathroom fixtures came from? Or the interior of Baryshnikov's apartment in Sex and the City? Probably not, because it looks either ordinary or really good. Well, it came from us. We outfitted many, many scenes from the whole run of the movie, that show and beyond. What about the sets for the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show? Last year before the infamous writer's strike we were outfitting 7 or 8 movies at a time, from vintage plumbing fixtures to paneled rooms to lighting and doors. Have you been to an event and seen an enormous chandelier or stone ornaments decorating the tables? We have outfitted numerous prestigious events with items as diverse as garden statues and oversize planters to the gates that provided the backdrop for the Grammy Awards Ceremony. A fair share of our rentals goes to music venues like MTV, where one highlight was the infamous shower scene with Madonna and Britney. It was one of our vintage needle showers and enormous gates that were featured in it. If you are an art director doing a production, you need to stop by and see what you can design around.

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